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Social Media Sidekick LLC was founded during the 2019 Covid Pandemic. With over 50% of businesses closing their doors due to the pandemic, Shatera saw an increased need to support businesses that was forced to go online to remain open and solvent. Most of these businesses did not have any online or virtual integration into their business. After breach research, most of these businesses did not have a website nor a social network presence. Utilizing her marketing skills from her educational background and her 9+ years real world digital marketing experience, Social Media Sidekick was formed to not only help these non-digital business survive but to also revive those that were lost and transmuted into their digital equivalents.


Our Values


The values Social Media Sidekick LLC use to operate is transparency, customer service, fairness, speed, humility, and act with accuracy, authenticity and are customer driven.




Social Media Sidekick LLC goal is to assist businesses and entrepreneurs with all their digital marketing needs including but not limited to: graphic design, social media, ads, campaigns and more.




Build stronger brands for small businesses and entrepreneurs through online engagement response and awareness




To provide unmatched social media management, training and digital resources

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